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British Airways' newest route is just 54 miles long

On the link from Bahrain to Dammam, at least 1.5 tons of fuel will be burnt to fly the same distance as London to...

Paris tourists face severe disruption this weekend as Eiffel Tower and...

'Our services are operating as normal and any exchanges are in line with ticket conditions,' says Eurostar

Travel after Brexit: All you need to know about Eurostar, Eurotunnel...

'New customs obligations would be very difficult to put in place in the restricted space available in stations,' says Eurostar

Elderly passenger dies onboard flight to New York

The 71-year-old passenger had a heart attack

The reason why some airports are cheaper to fly from than...

The only way is Birmingham...or is it?

Italian village offers €9,000 for people to move there

The Alpine bolthole is looking for new residents

Ryanair passenger entertains flight by singing with 'All of Me' by...

The man provided some free inflight entertainment

New Zealand asks visitors to pledge to protect environment amid concerns...

'New Zealand is our home. It is precious. Everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it'



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