Memory Kids by MicroJob Studio voted Game of The Year for Kids

Memory Kids - Best Game of the Year

Memory Kids by MicroJob Studio was voted Game of The Year for Children in more than 5 countries, including Germany, United States, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Memory Kids by MicroJob StudioExperts from Android Game Reviews declared Memory Kids the year’s biggest winner in the Mobile Games for Children category, surpassing some of the industry’s top players, on the biggest event celebrating the best of the global mobile games industry.

Memory Kids – Simple and fun

Memory Kids is one of those memory games for kids that will entertain your child for hours and hours, providing a fun and efficient way of improving your child’s memory and attention. The game offers 4 difficulty levels with different grid sizes, beautiful graphics and fun gameplay, suitable for children and adults.

Memory Kids - Best android game in Germany, United States and Canada

The game mixes old school pixel art with hand-painted backgrounds, has an incredibly simple game mechanism yet it’s very appealing to children of all ages.

FREE with no in-app purchases

Surprisingly enough, Memory Kids is free to download on the Google Play Store and it has no in-app purchases. This was one of the features that made all the parents happy as the children could play unattended, without the risk of paying any money. The game has in-game advertising to support the developers, but free games with no in-app purchases aren’t common releases in 2018. The game developers, MicroJob Studio, also offer an ad-free version called Memory Kids Pro.

We were sad to find out the game is only available for Android Phones, but Memory Kids can be downloaded free, for phones and tablets, from the Google Play Store. The game developers mentioned they were planning to lunch an iOS version in the near future, but an official launch date hasn’t been announced so far.

Child development specialists say educational memory games can help children improve the working memory, planning, initiating, task monitoring and organizational skills.

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