iFixit’s MacBook Air teardown reveals Apple’s most repairable notebook in years


iFixit has completed its customary teardown of the new MacBook Air, and to its (and our) surprise, it’s not completely unrepairable. Whether it’s a sign of easing standards or a holdover from the old design remains to be seen, but if you buy one, you might actually be able to fix it on your own.

Some of it, anyway. When Apple released its new MacBook Air, we pretty much knew the RAM and storage wouldn’t be upgradable, and that’s still the case here. Apple hasn’t had a laptop with easily-replaceable components since 2012, and the MacBook Air’s size is a dead giveaway that Apple isn’t interested in letting people take it apart. The RAM and storage are soldered to the motherboard, so you’ll need to buy what you need from the outset. Apple offers twice as much RAM (16GB) for $200, which is pricey but probably worth it. And you can get up to 1.5TB of storage as well, so consider your options before you decide to buy.

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