Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg Included In Into The Spider-Verse Trailer


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s new trailer prominently features six alternate versions of the Spider-Men/Spider-Women that make up the vast web of the Spider-Verse. However, there are brief snippets of other notable Spidey timelines and stories, including an Easter egg to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

If you pause the trailer at 1:39, you’ll see display cases for certain spider suits in the background. Over Aunt May’s shoulder, you’ll spy the Advanced Suit that Peter Parker wears in Marvel’s Spider-Man, marked with its trademark white spider design. It comes as no huge surprise to see a reference to Marvel’s Spider-Man in the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse movie, as Insomniac’s Spider-Man–confirmed to be a part of Earth 1048–is recruited by Superior Spider-Man to participate in Spider-Verse‘s sequel story, Spider-Geddon.

Into the Spider-Verse‘s previous trailer already showcased one of the Peter Parkers (probably Earth 616, but it hasn’t been confirmed) as well as Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man from Earth 1610, and Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Ghost, the Spider-Woman of Earth-65. This new trailer introduced three more spiders: Earth-14512’s SP//dr, Earth-90214’s Spider-Man Noir, and Earth-8311’s Spider-Ham.

SP//dr is the superhero codename for Peni Parker, a nine-year-old girl who lets a radioactive spider bite her so she can bond with a spider-like mech suit her deceased father used to pilot, a responsibility her Uncle Ben and Aunt May inform her that only she can do. Spider-Man Noir is another Peter Parker, but from an alternate universe where the present day is 1933 during the Great Depression. Spider-Ham is the alias of Peter Porker, a spider who’s bitten by his adoptive Aunt May Porker, a pig, after she’s accidentally irradiated. He transforms into a pig as well, but discovers he retains all the abilities he had as a spider.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sees Miles Morales meeting several of the spiders from alternative dimensions, including Peter Parker who offers to train the fledgling Spider-Man. The web-slingers of the Spider-Verse must band together to stop their clashing dimensions from destroying Miles’ reality, as well as return the members of their respective rogues gallery to the correct universes. The movie debuts in U.S. theaters on December 14.